iPhone, I Could Quit You for Phonebloks, a LEGO-like Smartphone Concept that Sounds Way Smarter

If this is coming soon to our future. I would totally give my iPhone to the homeless


This is amazing: a sleek, LEGO-like smartphone built out of reconfigurable blocks with little gold-colored electricity-channeling connector pins, where each of the blocks is like a bullet point on a spec sheet — battery, processor, memory, storage, audio, wireless chip, gyroscope, you name it.

Want to slide in a faster processor? Just swap out a block. Cracked screen? Off with the old, on with the new. Don’t need the camera? Or maybe you do everything online and don’t need local storage? The freed up space might let you drop in a bigger battery or detach non-essential components you don’t want leeching electricity.

The front side of the phone is a screen, which doesn’t break apart into blocks because there’s no reason for it to. It’s connected to a base that’s basically a pegboard. Think of the phone as a pegboard sandwich, the screen on one side and all the little blocks…

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